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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Tagged by Yong :)

well act dah lama Yong tagged. tapi almaklum la. malas sangat nak update nyeee. sorry ! heheh. anyway thankssss yong. mischu !

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11 things about me .
# anak ketiga dari 4 orang . and yeah im a lucky girl sebab ada kakak abang dan adik :)
# i lalalalalove Cadbury Black Forest . please buy for me :)
# i do love talk. sometime too much and sometime i just prefer silent. depend :)
# my mood are so unpredictable. senang berubah mood mengikut cuaca. and most important mood swing bila lapar ahaks :)
# i have so many girlfriendsssssss but not boyfriends. in social network maybe yes but in reality tak ramai boyfriends :)
# i dont have special boyfriend but i do crush with someone till now. :)
# people might said that im snobbish if dorang tak kenal. tapi bila dah kenal. jenuh kau nak melayan aku HAHA :)
# yes im addicted with social network. kat sini je boleh buat aku ketawa terbahak bahak melayan kerenah kengkawan. they are awesomeeee :)
# Benda yang paling best bila aku boleh buat orang ketawa dengan lawak tah pape aku. yes aku suka melawak walaupun tak berapa lawak :)
# i have 13 superbestgirlfriendsssss. and i hope our friendship till hereafter . amin :)
# my top priority dulu till now never change. 1st family 2nd girlfriends 3rd special boyfriend 4th others. but opss number 3rd masih kosong :)

So this is soalan from Yong !
- Bestfriend pertama?
nama dia Nadirah. but then kita lost ctc sebab dah pindah rumah. tapi tapi kami jejak kasih kat FB . weeehooo :)
- Do you have any pet/s? What kind and what is the name of it?
no. tapi dulu ada. hamster .banyakkkk tapi asik mati je so dah tak bela da :(
- Your favourite drink?
fresh orange maybe 
- Pandangan anda tentang kain batik/industri batik?
niceeeee. but tak pernah pakai kain batik. haha. bout industri idk lah.
- Artis paling lame di mata anda?
roslan aziz. ahahahh kenal ke? asal aku sebut nama dia? sebab aku pun tak kenal. haha
- Perfume yang dipakai sekarang?
body shop - vanilla :)
- Subjek paling senang bagi anda masa SPM?
sejarah! choii takan sejarah pulak. Math because i love calculation :)
- Your least favourite habit that you can't avoid.
alamak. apa eh? tolong pk kan boleh ? 
- Facebook or Twitter? Why?
both got their own attraction. fer me. fb boleh tengok tengok gmbr find kawan lama. and twitter boleh jadi tempat meroyan dan best dan seronok layan kawan kawan.
- One most important goal that you HAVE to achieved before getting married.
i want job ofcouse the better one. nak balas dulu jasa mama abah. be a great businesswoman insyaAllah :)
- You love ____________________.
ILOVEYOU <3 my parents my siblings my bestfriends my girlfriends my boyfriends . ALL :)